(November 23-December 21)

Ruling Planet: Jupiter; source of richness, abundance, vivacity
Element: Fire positive
Quality: Mutable
Gender of Sign: Male
Facility: Self confidence
Features: Optimism , entrepreneurship
Aspiration: Having a great famous
Aim: To travel and visit  a lot ,to gain many things
Features you should fight against: look down on other people
Signs you get along with very well: Aries, Leo
Signs you mildly get along with:  Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, Scorpio
Signs you cannot get along with: Pisces, Gemini, Virgo
Day of Week: Thursday
Lucky numbers:3,12
Gemstones: Turquoise,  almandine
Colours: Dark purple, violet, different shades of blue that are near to purple
Flowers: Lilac, purple violet, blue flag
Essences: Narcissus, violet, lily odours
Possible illness: Hip and thigh area diseases, sciatica, rheumatism and lung disorders.
Career: Banking, commission business, manager, directorship, politics, judgeship, attorneyship,  law advisor, civil servant, statesman ,teacher, artist, researcher


They are genuine, pure, impatient, curious , friendly , optimistic, aristocratic, amiable, sincere type of people and they accept everyone as friends. They think nice and beautiful things about other people all the time. They can believe anyone easily because they donít accept the idea that people might be bad. Sagittarius is a double-characteristic sign. Although it is belong to the fire class they also carry specialities that  reminds the air class. It represents a versatile personality. Itís star is the Jupiter, representative of abundance, vivacity and wealth. They have an inborn luck. Weird   jobs may attract them. They can quit working  before finishing what they started because of impatience. Their freedom is very important. They really  like travelling , living adventures, journeys. Itís always  appealing for them to discover new countries. Their curiosity is only satisfaction. They are always like an arrow which is ready to leave the arch. They like  outdoors, roomy and open areas. They can never stay in a house with closed curtains or window shades.

They are really scared of being limited either physically or morally or being forced to give up their freedom and taking responsibilities. Thatís why they donít want to attach to somebody or somewhere. They usually become good lecturers or debaters. They are kind of people that can give up their habits easily. They risk  their money. They  arenít malicious actually  even if they lose their temper quickly.

They are   keen on issues like Religion, Philosophy, Wisdom   , education,   psychology. They also distribute the knowledge in addition to learning it. They may have excessive obsessions that can   vary from impiousness to religious conservatism. Beyond this; they have a capacity to extend and dilate through the cosmical dimensions. They have a strong 6. sense  They can feel something when there is no reason and they can act according to it. When they donít act according to this feelings they see that their sense was true and  say ďI wish I didĒ. They also have a talent to see the future and know the events happen to be . A Sagittarius can never be a routine person thanks to his/her great sense of humour.

Sagittarius people always have a tendency to better and   more developed things. They  are real democrats, they behave in justice to everyone. If there is  no opposite effect they especially  have an endless energy in their business life. They might have a potential to overcome all the details by the help of  ardour and sense of responsibility. Sexuality and physical forces have an important position in their lives. They might want to have material power. They might have difficulties to understand introvert people because they are extremely  extrovert. Might have fights with themselves and their  boss ,frequently. The  curiousness about analyses and  examinations of  all areas of life  might be the reason  of this.

It takes along time for them to find what they look for   either  in love and life. So they jump from one thing to other  in that period of time. They are undecided, impatient, changeable  people , they  can wonder something quickly and get bored with it also quickly. However , when they exactly find what they look for they turn out to be very sedulous people. This constancy means the success for  them. They go deeply in that subject , force their brain till the end, and after a while they become very sophisticated and be able to teach it and might even create a  valuable product of that skill. They desire to become famous in almost all the World.

They are generous, and known as altruistic. They sacrifice too much. But they expect the payback for what they gave. Thatís why their  problems never end because they cannot have what they expected.

Even if they are too sad , devastated or being treated with injustice they still  keep being optimistic and forgiving. In the end they  blame themselves and decide others are all innocent, they tolerate everybody.

Religion, philosophy, education, schooling areas, writing, creating  works , journalism occupations are appropriate for  them .They may become teachers or sportsmen. They can also be successful in jobs related to humour .

They must see the realities objectively and take the life more seriously. They have to realize that  in someway  self indulgence and selflessness are the same. It is good for them to learn not jumping on everything quickly and  to think  over it a little bit more before every  move they make.