(July 23 – August 23)

Ruling Planet: Sun; represents the highest powers.
Elment: Fire,positive
Quality: Fixed
Gender of Sign: Male
Facility: Planning
Feature: Generosity
Aspiration: Reching to the top of the tree
Aim:To have ,to gain many things
Features tou should fight against: Smugness
Signs you get along with very well: Aries,Sagittarius,Gemini,Libra
Signs you mildly get along with:  Capricorn,cancer
Signs you cannot get along with: Taurus, Scorpio,Aquarius
Day of Week:  Sunday
Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 8, 9, 34
Gemstones: Diamond, yellow sapphire, yellow diamond
Colours: Dark yellow, golden  yellow, yellow chrysanthemum, orchid
Flowers: Red rose, yellow chrysanthemum, orchid
Essences: Musk, orange flower and rose
Possible illnes: Cardiac and circulatory disorders.
Career: Soldier, doctor,chemist,dentist,  beautician, works about lands,air and sea


The star of Leo is The Sun that creates and provides life.The Sun provides an energy and  alacrity which expedites non-stop working and defeating  the difficulties.Another effect of The Sun is causing a person become arrogant and smug. It makes people think that they are better   than  others. They believe they deserve to be the director someday because they use their intelligence very well. Leo people fight  honestly and they expect the same thing from the others.That’s why they are surprised if they meet tricky arguments.

Leo people like acting roles in their lives that’s why they might become very skillful actors. These people can achieve anything if they decided to do it. However they want to have their own business. They cannot work with a boss.There are many Leo people who had become rich easily because of  the great support of The Sun. But, because of   honesty, goodwill and excessive confidence; this supportive interactions may doesn’t work properly and Leo people may be disappointed because of their firend’s actions.   

Luxuary life desires are well developed in the people who had born in the sign Leo.They want to   <<own >> the best and the  most beautiful  things ever producted. They like ordering people but it might be annoying for others.Surpisingly, Leo people are very calm even solving cruicially important problems.Their ambition based on excessieve self-esteem,   helps to solve any problem and this makes them look nice and really admired. They have a talent that helps  to understand all animates and  to focus on the essence of everything. This property makes them a frightened critic. They critisize any disturbed things and behaviours unkindly and  without remorse. It is not important to break hearts to them. They deny the idea of  someone else’s oppinion is true and theirs is faulty.They think their desicions are perfect all the time.

They like to share their advices -which are generally true - without asking people if they want to listen it or not. They do it with goodwills but this advices may seem undue to others and this property may not be liked too much by people.Their personality is also may not semm good to all people. Leo people are generally very active and dynamic. But they also know the best way of living indolently  and aimliessly. They may sometimes become “loungers” for long hours and enjoy it .  They have a tendency to gambling, exciting games and lotteries .

They are afraid of getting older,losing their attractivesness,losts and failures.Leos are nice people but they have to remember that their kingship won’t last  forever  and learn to give up considering of themselves first.