(February 20 ĖMarch 20)


Ruling Planet: Neptune
Element: Water, negative
Quality: Mutable
Gender of Sign: Female
Facilities: Interest and clemency for others
Feature: Alacrity
Aspiration: Peace of mind
Aim: Having  wealth  and being happy
Features you should fight against: To look down on themselves
Signs you get along with very well: Cancer, Scorpio
Signs you mildly get along with: Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Taurus
Signs you cannot get along with: Gemini, Virgo
Day of Week: Thursday
Gemstones: Aquamarine, Lapis lazuli
Colours: Ultramarine , green, light silver grey
Flowers: Convallaria, lily, lotus, white rose
Essences: Blossom (cerasus avium),lily, lime
Possible illness :Digestive ,nerve system disorders, rheumatism, alcoholism
Career: Doctor, teacher, social service  attendant ,reverend , musician, designer, writer, author


They are type  of people that are sensitive, emotional, well-intentioned,  soft  and too merciful, and who have a rich fantasy world and strong senses .They are very happy in their inside  worlds and  because of this they frequently dive into it. The Pisces people are able to construct strong and long termed friendships. They enjoy doing favours.

Pisces people have a strong intuition ability. They may also dream about some beautiful things. They speak softly and sweetly. They enjoy beauties of life, colours, music, luxury. If they have one (or more) planet in the horoscope  which will direct them, Pisces can make their colourful dreams real. They are too romantic and become good lovers. They add their loved one lofty specialities in their minds. Pisces are not able to see the real features of the loved one. If they   are disappointed , their love will die down but soon they will be able to love with a great power again.

Pisces people have an idea about everything. They are talkative, they quickly make people get together around them by the stories they tell. If they realise that nobody is listening to them they start day dreaming. The doors of the fantasy world are always open for them. These dreams are so much real and alive that they donít demand to make it come true.
Because there is lack of  the warrior soul to achieve their goal. Other than this  , they hate the monotonousness of the daily works. To be happy, they need something new  which they can imagine to come true  in the future.

Pisces people work hard to excite others with their ideas. What only matters for them to be able to use their creativity in their professional life.

Because of having the ability of feeling the otherís requirements, feelings, demands and wishes they can become a good doctor, a teacher, a nurse or have a successful position in an aiding organization. A Pisces, if he/she also has writing skill, may reach to success .It is same for almost all branches of art.  Many famous authors or artists are members of Pisces sign. Shortly, all areas that require imagination, creativity, intuition and love suit them. They have a magical and   mysterious attractiveness. The dreamy, soft and emotional look in their eyes is the reflection of their sensitive inside. It seems like words   come out from their eyes .These glances almost explains what they couldnít manage to tell.

Love   lies down at the base of their lives. They always desire somewhere  to give it . If they can not share it with people they begin to show interest to animals. They are emotional and sensitive people.

They live too far from quarrels and fights. They are calm and relaxed typically. They donít bother anyone. Even this calmness may drive some people crazy. They try to get on  well with even crusty and quarrelsome people by behaving mercifully and they try  help them with useful advices.

They show interest to mystical, philosophical and religious issues. Also mathematics, astronomy, physics, medicine subjects attract them. They work on these subjects in a different way. Some events come to them by inspiration; by feeling, intuiting it they can get some information; furthermore  they live some unusual things. They may see dreams that can come true.

They tend to dive into the spiritual worlds .They may  have  medium talents .But there is a possibility that they can be disappointed  by  confusing  the reality and fantasy world. They have a huge inside world. They have a capacity to   skip   to the consciousness dimension and feel the universal spaciousness.

People of Pisces sign donít   mind money too much, they are generally very generous. They may easily give the money they have earned by working really hard. Also there is a possibility of suddenly getting rich by the positive effect of Jupiter.