(June 22 Ė July 22)

Ruling Planet:  Moon; representative of emotions.
Element: Water, negative
Quality: Cardinal
Gender of Sign: Female
Facility: Patience
Features: Being clement ,kind, having good intentions
Aspiration: Having a great fortune
Aim: Moving  to top of the tree continuously
Feature you should fight against: Carelessness
Signs you get along with very well: Scorpio ,Pisces, Taurus, Virgo
Signs you mildly get along with : Sagittarius, Gemini
Signs you can not get along with: Aries, Libra, Capricorn
Day of week: Monday
Lucky numbers: 2,4,7,12
Gemstones : Moonstone, ruby
Colours: White, silver gray, purple, sea green
Flowers: White rose, lily, jasmine, honeysuckle
Essences: Musk, lily of the valley, lilac
Possible illness: Chest and respiratory tract diseases, digestive system disorders, ulcer
Career:  Tourism, hotel management, import-export business, piloting, navigation, professions about petroleum and liquid matters, chemist, pharmacy.

They are stubborn, patient, sensitive, cute and variable people .They have an emotional, clement, sensitive and faithful personality. Compassion sense is powerful in these people. They are extremely maternal and protective. This  can even be tiring for other people. They consider and try to fulfil  any needs and  wants of  loved ones. Family ,kids, parents are very important to them. A peaceful and safe house is their most important need and they also  want to be safe economically. It is so hard for them  to diverge from their home, family and country. They have a domestic and nationalist character  and they always like to go on a diet.

Cancer people tend to   listen their feelings instead of  their logics . Their  spirit is  calm, soft and sensitive. They care about  and being close to their friends and they expect the same thing from them.
When they get angry it is hard to make them calm again. They are  companionable and calm in business relationships There is lack of self-confident generally but when they behave courageously and when theyíre sure that they are going to win; they start the action enthusiastically whatís more  they  can even lead to people at these times.  They can lead a beginning.

An assertive behaviour they rarely act makes everyone surprised, because they normally  work quietly and deeply. They donít do something secretly but also it is not so easy to guess their decisions before the action. They donít change their minds because of the dissuasive opinions of others .In fact this opposite opinions   have already been guessed and considered by Cancer. All Cancer people are very disturbed  in profession  lives in addition to their personal lives. Actually a little composure can really work for them.  Their variable mood is changes in very certain times because itís always ruled by the Moon (and itís phases).

On the other hand, Cancers gladly try to benefit from other peopleís or their own experiences but of course with some limits and rules to protect themselves. In addition to this they let their feelings to lead themselves because of being very emotional. For example they rarely have to recheck their first decisions  about people they had a good first impression. They  can easily get hurt emotionally such that only a single word can cause traumas which makes them stay away for a long time from social world. They even cannot stand on the right criticisms generally. They often go back their past which is a safe shelter for them. And this lies under their  personal idea of family. Both gender is very domestic and they love their family more than everything such that they work just for the sake of  their family.

On the other hand Cancer is an easily noticeable person in society because of their brilliant sense of humour. First of all they call everyoneís attention to their spectacular speeches. They generally like being focused and they at least they wanted to be respected even the people donít adore them. This is the real  reason of all their behaviours. They have powerful feelings. They feel what other people expect from them and  by behaving that way they manage to be loved. They dreams and create fantasies too much. They make  effort of this dreams and fantasies so much ;and they tell  everyone as if they are  real! They can go on playing this game for a long time because of having a good memory. This feature is very common especially in childhood.

They like cooking  ,kitchen and house works .You can taste very delicious foods made by them. Also they are very interested in eating.

They have a powerful loving ability .But their sceptical attitude , apprehensions, and enviousness may cause unbearable relationships for both themselves and loved ones.

They have to learn to give up their  hastiness, to lessen the effects of their emotions by giving a chance to their minds and not to be so pertinacious .