(January 21 - February 19)

Ruling Planet: Uranus; represents changes, sudden attachments and   good results.
Element: Air, positive
Quality: Fixed
Gender of Sign: Male
Facilities: Foresight
Feature: Humanistic  and  strong willed personality.
Aspiration: Creating  chances for improvements.
Aim: To develop, to help people
Features you should fight against: Neglectfulness and not considering importance to money
Signs you get along with very well: Gemini, Libra
Signs you mildly get along with:  Capricorn, Pisces, Aries
Signs you cannot get along with :Taurus ,Leo ,Scorpio
Day of Week: Sunday
Numbers: 4, 8, 10, 84
Gemstones: Amethyst, jadestone
Colours: Dark blue, light navy blue, mixed colours and tones
Flowers: Daffodil, purple violet, viburnum, knapweed ,field flowers
Essences: Hyacinth, jasmine, violet
Possible illness: Heart and circulatory system disorders, foot diseases, varix, high tension
Career:Doctor,scientist,envoy,author,publisher,pressman,interpreter, reverend ,astronomer, astrologer, sailor, tradesman, importer, any branch of arts, director , organizer.


The Aquarius which is one of the members   of air   Signs, represents the high humanity, ideals, love and helping. Aquarius is affected by two planets. One of them is Uranus; which represents sudden beginnings and changes and it produces a unique type of   human because of the excellent intelligence   and attractiveness it gave. The second one is Saturn. If Saturn and Uranus have gathered their positive features together; this is a very good situation and these people are generally become scientists. The most   distinct characteristics of the Aquarius are freedom, peacefulness, being consolidative and showing a great understanding in group works no matter if they were born under Uranus or Saturn.

People who were   born in this sign are generally will be loved   by everyone .They are friendly, investigative, concordant and self-controlled people. They   act according to the logic instead of emotions. They trust their intelligence so much that they do not feel any requirement to anyone; on the contrary they think   that everyone needs them. They choose people as friends, who are sophisticated, are appropriate for their own intelligence level and their scales and who have a bright intelligence to be utilized .Although they trust their own intelligence they have an envious side, too. They are jealous about people who seems to beat them and who are in vogue. This makes them more ambitious, their aim is to be the first one all the time. They know how to protect their personal benefits.

They live for   their own truths not for other’s expectations. They plan everything as they wish of course by logical ways not emotionally. And  by controlling   their emotions with mind.

Aquarius people may   show interest to any subject. They wonder the reasons of even the behaviours of people or movements of animals.

If an Aquarius has goal to achieve (which they always have one) and even if this goal seems impossible for others they still fight to the end and surely, get what they wanted.

But after they achieve their goals it is never predictable what will be the next step. Because achieving the goal is what only matters .After achieving the aim can totally lost its importance and they may get ready to fallow other dreams or goals. This should not be confused with being “flighty”. Because achieving the goal is just a step for Aquarius. The aim is learning new things continuously. When they achieve the goal, there is nothing left to learn so this subject looses its meaning.

If an Aquarius – who tries to change the world and everything- is equipped with the information that confirms the ideas forming in his/her mind and especially if the ideas are about a person nothing can make that idea to move out .Despite being full with the cosmical love ,it is not quite easy to say Aquarius powerfully   loves the people one by one. Everyone can become their brothers but they generally believe that people have  to change.

This is the sign whose lots of members  become famous in different  kind of issues. Researching, space, computer, astrology, religion, wisdom, technological inventions and the  other areas  which requires for the use of mind and intelligence  are suitable for  them. They can become  ideal teachers, psychologists, original authors, thinkers, inventors and furthermore they can become original artists.