(May  21Ė  June 21)


Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air, positive
Quality: Mutable
Gender of Sign: Male
Facilities: High intelligence
Features: Helping ,cheering up people
Aspiration: Journalism, authorship
Aim: To become known, gaining  famous
Features you should fight against: Talking a lot
Signs you get along with very well: Libra, Aquarius
Signs you get along with a normal level: Cancer, Leo, Aries, Taurus
Signs you cannot get along with: Virgo, Sagittarius
Day of Week: Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 3,5,9,24
Gemstones: Agate, carnelian, pearl
Colours: Yellow, grey, blue and light blue
Flowers :Lily, lavender
Essences: Gardenia, jasmine,  hyacinth
Possible illness :Respiratory and nerve system disorders, lung diseases, rheumatism
Career: Bank employer, judge, lawyer, diplomat, broker, author, journalist,  inspector, jeweller, radio emceeing, computer expert


Gemini people have a talent for any kind of works and they look like they have split personality. They think fast and move fast. One  MOMENT they are cheerful ,one MOMENT they are sad and this is something very obscure and complicated for others. The important features of  this sign are Mind Intelligence and changeableness   in addition to leading to communications. Communications means here; teaching and talking skill. Mind and intelligence features can be listed as judging ability, logic, intellectualism,  understanding the truths and well a developed awareness. And the changing feature can be defined as starting to actions quickly, aptness to the new ideas and new events, flexibility, tendency to travelling and ambitiousness of moving forward and gaining skills. Itís not a difficulty  to do a few things  at the same time ;and whatís more it like  the principal of their lives. Their personality and life style is the only way of disclosing  themselves. And also they are attractive, cheerful, optimistic people. They have leading ability and they donít lose  their endeavour even they have  problems and worries.

They learn by listening and  combining what they saw and experienced  instead of reading. Studying for long hours, reading dozens of books is not a suitable job for them.T hey learn everything  easily with their unique brain that works practically. They do not read a book or an article from beginning to the end completely. They generally reads a few  sentences from top , a few from middle and a few from the end  or just skipping the lines quickly. But in the end they can understand it much  better than a person who reads it from top to the end.

In  physical appearance they are generally thin, agile and taller then normal. Most of them have   small , sharp bordered faces  as if they are   embossed  from gemstones. They cannot stair at something continuously  more then a few seconds. Actually the easiest way to identify a Gemini  is  their fast moving eyes which are always on the alert. Their skin is pretty white and they generally get suntanned quickly and easily. They have sparkle ,dynamism, a sympathetic friendship and incredibly fast but elegant movements. Both gender have  an large  forehead area normally. They are not the most punctual people of the world generally. In fact they can even forget  promises they made and they can arrange meetings with more than one people at the same time. And in the end  they  might not go any of them and hang out in a cafe  with a friend they met on  their way. Even if you get very angry to them they will find a way to make you calm later.

Almost all Gemini people speaks, understands or reads  several foreign languages. Shortly, their language ability is perfect. Almost all of them have an affection  for literature and  brilliant  authors may arise  among Gemini people. They may be  very  skilful about telling lies. Even if you notice and try to reveal their lies , they  are so talented about changing the topic to an  indifferent subject quickly  and even you become astonished. Their tendency to misleading people may rarely end up with crime and immorality.