(August  24-September 23)

Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Gender of Sign: Female
Facilities: A disciplined and  methodical life
Features: Being careful and interested in  any kind of  issues
Aspiration: To be admired in a society
Aim: Rising to a higher point
Features you should fight against: Shyness  and  timidity
Signs you get along with very well: Taurus, Capricorn
Signs you mildly get  along with  :Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Aries
Signs you can not get along with: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio
Day of Week: Wednesday
Lucky numbers:3,5,16
Gemstones: Dark blue sapphire, azurite?
Colours: Light yellow, light blue
Flowers: Azalea, yellow violet, lavender
Essences: Lilac, lemon and geranium
Possible illness: Abdominal region diseases, liver, pancreas, intestine, appendix, foot and nervous diseases
Career :Various branches of science, pharmacy and techniques, author or literature issues,journalist,editor,bookseller,pressman,secretary,researcher,postman, accountant


They are honest, tidy, neat, clever and  hardworking people. They have goodwill all the time, they’re keen on literature, science and they care about their friends . They are shy but quizzical and versatile  people. They are not so sensitive They can persist on being  insensitive and  unconcerned. Virgo people   have   a regular business and a personal life. They  try  hard to arrive everywhere on time instead of trying to find  apologies for being late. Sometimes when they are working on their jobs they neglect their special lives.

Virgo people have a great tendency to   materialism and formalism, they are  quite economizer people. They expect safety in their jobs. They spend money on certain things and they think of saving and enterprising most of it because they are frugal. They think about spending  their money and their expenses by calculating them carefully  .Even if they know the importance of money, they    also  like helping  people with it.

Virgo is an  attentive type of person; they like researching ,examining and working hard. They look for perfection all their lives this is their only life goal. They can work for  long durations gladly without getting tired and complaining about it. When everyone is done with working Virgo is still busy with a detail to work on .So, life ends someday but a Virgo still has things to do. They are successful  in performing and  planning their jobs  in detailed also. But it takes very long time to finish it; it may last  10 hours to do a job by Virgo even it is a job for 10 minutes. Whereas  ,because of being busy with details too much, they are not aware that   perfection isn’t possible. Being admired is their first desire. They are full of anxieties about a variety of things; they afraid of darkness, loneliness, thieves and especially getting ill. And  because of that they are too careful about their health. They also do not try to get things they can never have. And they are not so brave actually, taking risks is out of their vision. They are unpretentious ,nice and meek people. They are good friends and mates actually. They gladly help people all the time. They cannot make decisions about marriage quickly and may prefer bachelorhood. Because it is not quite easy to find the  perfection they look for in their spouse ,home and family life. However if they can achieve to find these they become faithful life partners and perfect parents.

They can ruin their lives unless they learn to give up getting lost in  the  sea of details, becoming more broadminded and give up looking for the perfection all the time.