(October 24 – November 22)


Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto; represents  attractiveness, charm, wars and new conditions.
Element: Water; negative
Quality: Fixed
Gender of Sign: Female
Facility: Intuition
Features: Decisiveness  and examination
Aspiration: Wealth
Aim: Richness along the life
Features you should fight against: Showing no mercy ,disregarding
Signs you get along with very well: Pisces, Cancer
Signs you mildly get along with: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra
Signs you cannot get along with: Taurus, Leo
Day of Week: Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 8,9,13
Gemstones: Topaz, yellow tourmaline
Colours: Ember red, black
Flowers: Red carnation, honeysuckle, salvia
Essences: Musk, magnolia
Possible illness: Throat ,neck area ,bladder ,urethra, kidney and reproduction organs disorders, high tension
Career: Director, organizer, industrial leader, commander, selling manager, principal, operator dentist, engineer, journalist, chemist, musician, musical instrument  producing, repairman, author, sailor, airman.

They are strong-willed, decisive, energetic and they tend to freedom. This sign has two stars. One of them is Pluto the planet of divine creating, destruction, wondering  unknown  issues, enjoying mysterious things and having a well developed intuition. The other one is Mars which is known as the planet of war, charm and sex. This provides power, decisiveness, boldness, attractiveness, energy and mercilessness to Scorpios. They  always live  in extreme points. Their  view of life based upon the “all- or- nothing “ principle. Their aim is always getting deeper on something and reaching to top point. If they want something to happen  “it is going to  happen one way or another.” They do not think ; if it happens that’s good but if it doesn’t, no matter. Everything they wanted to be happen has to happen.

They are able to see, relate and  conclude the different and top secret points that many others can never see. It means they have a talent to see far events and feel what will happen in the future. They have very  affective eyes and looks. They can be very good detectives ,agents or the analyzer of hard and secret issues. They never stay passive about  events and issues. They research ,analyse and  try to understand secret points. Scorpios  want to be loved like all other people .Even if they  tend to be free they also suffer from  loneliness. Furthermore, they are going to be the most passionate and powerful lovers if only they feel they are  really loved. Even if they strongly  support the  personal freedom it is just for hiding  their loneliness. They know  the importance of money for life even if  senses and feelings are  a big part of their personality. They care about money and materialistic things. They are conservative. They never renounce their decisions. The are very strong and enduring people. They do no trust anyone easily. The number of their real pals are close to zero.

In their friendships and relationships sense of  material or moral advantage is important. They can easily  behave ungratefully. It is never possible being sure about their  friendships, they can stab  from your back.

Secrecy, taciturnity and decisiveness are their most important characteristics. They are extremely attractive mysterious  and sexy. The  person  they are in love with  must just belong to them, they are very envious about this. They are very successful about planning and performing secret jobs. It is quite easy  for them to do jobs secretly and stealthily because they manage   talking  not much.

They also  have sadistic aspects. They like to feel the pain even if they are also afraid. They almost enjoy the physical pain. So they can also  behave cruelly to themselves the same way they do the others. It is a very disturbing thought for them that other people may  realize their thoughts  and secret plans. That’s why  they remain silent. They’re never out of  their life ambitions, energies, hates and rancour. They  almost challenge to death..But on the other hand they have a strong, reliable, realistic  character. Scorpio people can be successful in any kind of issues. There are no other sign which has members  whose  professions shows a great variety. Most of the successful sportsmen , leader scientists and  genius artists are members of Scorpio sign.