(21 March -20 April)

Ruling  Planet: Mars ;rules courageousness,attractiveness and passions.
Element: Fire, Positive
Quality: Cardinal
Gender of Sign: Male
Facilities: Dynamism and cheerfulness
Features: New enterprises, bravery and boldness
Aspiration: Leadership and guideing  people
Aim: Succes and victory
Features you should fight against: Impatience, bigheadedness,arrogance
Signs you get along with very well: Leo,Sagittarius,Gemini,Aquarius
Signs you get along with a normal level: Taurus,Pisces,Virgo,Scorpio
Signs you cannot get along with: Cancer,Libra,Capricorn
Day of Week: Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 1, 9, 15
Gemstones: Diamond ,ruby
Colours: Red, pomegranate flower
Flowers: Tulip,Corn poppy,daisy
Essences: Magnolia,lavender
Possible illness: Head and kidney disorders,burns,high fever and migraine
Career: Politics, administration, organizer, Industry, engineering, business managament, commandership, chemist, operator,iron and steel working, proffessions  about machines, humour and anecdote writer, critic, artist, musician, actor/actrees, confection, parfume production/selling.


Aries ,is the first sign of  the Zodiac ,  represents  beginnings and borns. Aries are type of people that are always natural,youthful,instictive,pure and  who enjoys the life.Life means an exciting adventure to them.They have a personality which allows them to lead  the society whenever they want.They are active  and  socially powerful at school,home, work or between friends .

They start to each sentences with the phrase «I AM» this means  they always think they  are right,  their thougts and behaviours are all true.People have  to follow them and they are born to be a leader in any time or any condition.Leadership is their first and most powerful desire. And somehow, they manage to be the leader in the conditions they  have.

Aries   quickly  gets  angry because of being governed by  Mars ,the planet of fire and war.They  quickly lose their temper but all they do is just screaming and shouting. And even if they look like  they  are  calmed down ;they may be still angry inside  and this may cause a damage in their nerve system!.They are never rancorous and hypocrite. They  are always outspoken and    never  avoid  speaking the word they think it is true.

Aries people  become pointed in a society because of their sweet and voluble speeches.They have a very sharp mind and they understand everything in no time . They move to the result quickly. And when they are sure that all the eyes are upon them  they are now  plesured and become arrogant.

Even if Aries people want to help others ,they  have a very selfish nature.And the help they offer is for either being the leader or taking a big role in EGO wars. They are more interested in popularity rather than having  money .And to reach their desires or to be able to govern something, they can  choose  violence instead of diplomacy. They can not stand on people who are better  than them.

They are very passionate and envious when  they are in love.However; if  they find  the right person they become  very faithful and thouhgtful  spouses .Being loved makes them  more attractive and succesful. Males are always want  to  be the director at home ,too.They like adventure,freedom,taking risks and  challenging all the time.

They have powerful groundless fears. This cause fears and assumptions .Especially they are really afraid of death but they never disclose it.Although they act like they don’t mind they keep that  fear inside of them all the time.

Because Aries rules the “head” in the body , the strongest part of their body is their head so as the weakest part.They have a great tendency to head and face injuries. And of course they often have  serious  headaches. Actually,if they don’t behave impatient ,distracted and neglectfully  they  don’t get ill easily because of their strong physics .

They have talent about enlightenments.But they miss chances and beneficial  works because  they are sure they know everything truely.They must learn to be patient , behaving thoughtfully and   accept the idea that other people may  know something better  than them.