(21 April – 20 May)


Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth, Negative
Quality: Fixed
Gender of Sign: Female
Facilities: Gracious, meek, practical, patient and desicive
Features: Organized life,friendly,tender ,faithful, spirit and protectiveness, adaptive personality ,  rich and qualified  life expectations.
Aspiration: Moving forward, making enterprises continously
Aim: Having goods, holdings, great fortune and luxuary life
Features you should fight against: Extreme realism, stubbornness, conservatism and edacity
Signs you get along with very well: Virgo, Capricorn
Signs you get along with a normal level: Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Aries
Signs you can not get along with: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio
Day of Week: Friday
Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 5, 6
Gemstones: Emerald, turquoise, olivin
Colours: Light green, lilac, azure blue, cream and opaque blue
Flowers: Red rose, pink carnation, wallflower
Essences: Carnation, apple flower
Possible illness: Throat, neck region and hormonal disorders, excess amount of bile, heart throb, waist pains.
Career: You have a talent for almost all professions. Soldier, doctor, chemistry department, dentist, building contractor, architect, iron and steel department, tradesman, engineer, industrial business, bank employer, craft works.


Taurus is one of the most peaceful and tempered person among all signs. Taurus is a sign that interested in money a lot and that has powerful emotions at the same time. As a result of being ruled by Venus; we have to add that Taurus people are sensitive and addicted to beauties and music. Because Venus represents all the beauties in life and it has a power that is soft, productive, and which lightens and makes our lifes more beautiful.

Taurus people are very stubborn. After considering an issue extensively, they don’t give it up untill they reach their goal. They are strong enough to challenge any obstacle that stands on their way, and they are very tough. They believe that they can overcome all difficulties by moving patiently and slowly. They never give up following their way, they defeat all the difficulties and they become succesful in the end. They need to feel safe and they believe that money and possesions will provide this.  They play the  “life game” just for these two. But this tendency to money makes them less self-confident actually. Also having a big fortune and having delicious meals are two main goals of their life. And as a result of that they are always in trouble with the pounds they gain. Even if they are very healthy and strong, they loose all of their resistance when they become ill. Their neck and throat region is very sensitive and weak so they might get ill seriously because of catching cold.

Taurus people have very strong feelings and they are strongly committed to the people they love. Being loved is very important to them. A failure in love issues makes them more stubborn, mean and  unbearable. They are very happy with the people they love and they are too envious when they are apart from them,  because at that times they begin to have groundless suspects.

They have strong wishes, emotions, aims and ambitions although they look very calm. They are very addicted to their family and home. They are shy and want to live peacefully and quitely all the time.

They dream about a house where they can live in comfort, peace and pleasure. A beautiful and comfortable house, especially with a garden they can work in, is very apropriate for them. They think children must grove up in a place like that. They like children but they have an authoritative attitude to them.

They respect to social rules and morals… They never think of cheating in this issues. They are loyal to their debts. And actually they dislike taking a loan. They have powerful social relationships. They are known as reliable and genuine people. They have long-lasting friendships. They don’t like resentments.

They have to learn to be brave, to stop being narrow minded, to adapt changes in life and that money doesn’t provide safety.