Dietary mistakes

Continuous  and excess usage of the products harmful for the heart. The main ones are :

a-    Alcohol: It causes blood leakage from vessels to  interstitial area by dissolving the inner layer of vessels.

b-    Alkaloids: The most commons are tea, coffee, cacao and cigarettes. These performs very dangerous effects on heart and vessels and  age them too early. They damage the cardiac rhythm by effecting nervous system. Also they cause narrowing of vessels by supporting the blood cholesterol to stick to the walls of vessels , and   hypertension and atherosclerosis  consequently. Cigarettes push the heart to overworking, and tire it by poisoning the blood.

c-    Meat and derivatives: Especially fatty meats are harmful because they contain cholesterol. They give rise to elevated blood urea levels  and  tire heart.

d-    White bread and sugar: These ones solidify blood and cause the circulation become  slower. As a result they put the heart under a strain.

 Air pollution

The more polluted the air you’re inhaling; the harder the heart works and the more it gets tired. 

Unhealthy life conditions

Irregular meal, sleep and resting hours; physically and spiritually  backbreaking  life conditions tires heart and causes untimely aging of heart.


One of the most important factor that exhausts the heart. Fat people are generally have short life durations.

Sexual life

Irregular sexual life, untimely coming impotence pushes the person to spiritual disturbances and causes nervous tiredness. And this exhausts heart and ages it.


It’s the persisting hypertension. Tiredness, sleeplessness, overeating, moving fast can cause increased tension. However, this is not continuous. But the hypertension results from extreme sensitivity of the nervous system that rules the heart, atherosclerosis seen mostly in old ages, solidifying of blood, kidney disorders (nephritis). In hypertension; the heart grows and may lead to strokes.            


Persisting   headache and dizziness.

Balance anomaly.

Weakness in sight and seeing  flitting  flies in front of eyes.




Having   the feel of cold at hands and feet continuously.

Frequent cramps at legs


Weak memory

Having prickles at hands during nights

Herbal Therapy

The following herbs achieve  good performance  in hypertension therapy:



Lemon cure


Olive leaf tea


Generally results from serious internal bleedings or may result from unknown reasons. Dietary insufficiency , vitamin deficiency  and  side effects of some medicines decreases the tension.




Feeling cold and having  purpleness at hands and feet

Having dizziness and loosing bright  sight for a while, when stand up

Getting tired quickly.


Herbal Therapy

The following herbs bring out good results:


Sage tea

Myrtle leaf




Honey, pollen, gelee royale


Red beetroot


It occurs because; arteries that supply the heart become narrower due to cholesterol  and calcification and this allows less blood to pass through. A pain is felt sometimes at the left of the chest while fast walking or walking after meals; going up the stairs or  while breathing in cold weather . this pain spreads to left shoulder and left arm and the patient can be prevented from breathing. More common in males. It usually lasts for 5-10 min. the most important feature of heart spasm is; giving rise to infarcts.

Herbal Therapy

The following plants gives good results in treatment:

Hawthorn tea




It’s an important and  dangerous heart disease. % 20 percent of deaths  results from infarcts in France.

This is ; sudden death of a part of the heart due to occlusion of the artery by a blood clot that provides nutrient and oxygen  to this part.

Inflammation of artery

Blood clotting

Hardening and narrowing of walls of artery because of cholesterol and calcification.  

Heart spasm


An awful  pain  and  distress in heart

Pain in left arm

Sometimes vomiting and belching.

Paleness and loosing the shine in eyes


Therapy with herbs
The following  herbs will give good results when  they’re used  before or  at the time of infarction:



Garlic with lemon



Mitral is the valve between the left ventricle and  left atrium in the left side of the heart. This valve get inflamed due to an inflammation in inside of the heart and then it gets thicker and harder in the end it can not be closed properly. The patient wouldn’t be aware of it for 1-2 years. But then  tachycardia, dyspnea and frequent need for deep breaths  occur. This illness doesn’t kill the patient but decreases his life speed. The spices that clear the microbes from blood (cinnamon, carnation bud, black pepper, ginger, thyme) should be used frequently.

Also garlic + lemon cure , that lasts 10-15 days,  should be applied 2 times in a year .


The cholesterol that has a beeswax consistency accumulates in blood ; covers the inner surfaces of vessels and causes  hardening of the  internal tissue of vessels. The hardening vessels can not fulfill the mission of conducting blood and because their diameter is less now, blood pressure and tension increases.


Excess alcohol


Gout disease



Wrong diets

Nervous disturbances


Symptoms are weak at first, because this illness develops  slowly and in a long time.

Decrease in working power both physically and spiritually.

Sleeping and drowsiness even in the mornings.

Slimness and paleness

Memory weakness

Getting tired quickly and tachycardia

Frequent urination  

Herbal therapy

The followings provide good results when they are used continuously :

Garlic, onion , radish… plants that includes abundant amounts of sulfur should be eaten.

Olive leaf


Artichoke leaf

Cypress seed




The situation that the veins in the legs are not able to  do their job properly.

Inactivity or not enough  activity

Being stand up continuously

Wearing garter, corset, narrow shoes

Excess and fat-rich meals


Excess alcohol and cigarettes


Having pain at hips, legs and calf

Burning feel on feet and itching in anus

Distension of vessels in feet, black cords and nodes are seen

The legs weights a lot

Continuous cold in feet and partial paralysis

Cramps at leg, calf and hip regions

In late stages edema, eczema and wounds in calf region.

If varix occurs in anus it’s called as HEMORRHOIDS

Herbal Therapy

When the following plants are used continuously they give good results:
Baths with soda and alum

Walking fast and repeatedly

Massage with olive oil

Zedoary root, peganum seed and “nöbet ţekeri”(a red colored crystal sugar) mixture

Horse chestnut for hemorrhoids, yarrow, cypress cone, parsley and potatoes  mush


Generally this appears as decreased number of erythrocytes in blood.


The face is always pale

Hands and feet are always cold

There is always tingling in ears.

Tachycardia is seen

Lack of appetite, getting tired quickly … etc. symptoms are seen


Bleedings( hemorrhoids, gastric- intestinal bleedings, menstruation)

Insufficient performance of blood producing organs (spleen, bone marrows, liver)  

Having  insufficient amount of  iron for age.

Herbal Therapy

The following plants give good results when they’re used continuously:

1 tablespoon  of fennel seed is added to 1l of grape vinegar, it is filtered one weak later and drunk 5-6 dessert spoon of it everyday.

One water glass of raisins + 8 glasses of water + 1 table spoon of common wormwood is boiled at a medium level fire, it is filtered when it’s cold and drunk 3-4 glasses of it everyday.

Peruvian bark syrup should be drunk.

Artichoke, oatmeal, apricot, cress, plum, grapes, parsley, carrot, spinach, lentil or soybean should be eaten abundantly.


Cholesterol is material found in all living creatures and has special missions in the body ,but when its concentrations exceeds  a certain amount much it shows  dangerous effects.

In a healthy person cholesterol level is 250 mg in 100 gr of blood .

These are the known functions:

Provides  a protective barrier under the skin against microbes.

Protects the erythrocytes in blood against harmful substances and has a armor duty somehow.

Provides resistance to nervous tissue, it is found within them.

Provides   water balance to different tissues.

The reasons of loosing cholesterol balance:

The cholesterol in animal oil is used cholesterol and in addition to being useless it produces dregs in vessels when it is increased.

Poor working of the organs that produce and balance cholesterol( suprarenal glands, ovaries, testis, thyroid gland, liver, gall bladder, intestines, lungs, sweat glands in skin)

Diseases  it causes:

Increased neutral fat levels in blood

Having oil spots on body

Lipomas arise on fingers, shoulder, knees and hip region.

Yellow spots occur in eyelids  and causes  night blindness.

Cirrhosis: Obstruction of the bile ducts, distention of liver and spleen and production of gallbladder stone.

Atherosclerosis: The cholesterol accumulated in blood, sticks to the walls of vessels and causes atherosclerosis.


Yellow spots in skin

Black rings under the eyes

Little yellow spots on the white of the eye

Heavy smell on sweat and breath

Bitterness inside of the mouth

Headache and  feel of heaviness in head

Weakness of sight

Dizziness and feel of emptiness in mind

Indigestion and  lack of appetite

General tiredness and psychological disturbances


Feeling pain sometimes at left arm and heart

Herbal therapy

The following herbs give good results when they’re used for treatment :

Olive oil, corn oil, sunflower, hashish and safflower oils should be used in cooking.

Garlic (2-4 cloves of it should be eaten uncooked everyday )

Artichoke, onion, leek, carrot, celery, soybean, cabbage, cress, parsley, radish should be eaten abundantly.

Also cherry, lemon, apple, strawberry, grapes, pear, bananas can be eaten ,too.

Juniper berry

Corn silk flower
Olive leaf