It is useful to boil  alum and skin of  pomegranate in water with vinegar and  wiping the acnes with this.


            Mixture of 100 gr. Nettle + 100 gr shavergrass be steeped like tea and drunk 3 times a day. At least 20 days of usage  is recommended.

            Fumitory herb can be steeped like tea and  drinking one water glass of it in mornings and evenings is useful.

            One soup spoon of   Bitterwood   and  one soup spoon of  Chinese rhubarb root is steeped  and drunk in the mornings and evenings.

            If you  boil  and mash  some balm and apply it on the itching  area ,your itching will be lost.


            50 gr. of Peruvian bark, 1kg black raisins and ˝ kg damson plums are boiled for a while with 3 L water and is drunk 3 times a day. 


            The most effective thing to prevent this disease is  blackberry tea.


            Myrtle leaf or some nettle  is added to  1 L of water and boiled and steeped  for 10 min. Later it is filtered and drunk 800- 1000 cc everyday without sugar.

            5 table spoon of nettle is added to 1L hot water and filtered after 5 minutes. Daily consumption should be about 8-10 glasses(without adding sugar)


            250 gr. seed of vitex (chaste tree) is boiled in 6L water for 30 min and  100 ml  of it  is drunk 3 times a day with an empty stomach.( It has antihypertensive effect)


            Beeswax and rose oil  can be melt together and applied  on  cracks. Sesame oil is also a good protective.


            Mix laurel seed and honey and eat, but not more then 20 g. a day.

            100 g ginger powder  and 100g turmeric powder  and 1 kg honey is mixed and one dessert spoon of it is eaten 3 times a day with and empty stomach


            Mix  80 gr. Chinese rhubarb root and 1kg  honey  and eat 3 times a day (one dessert spoon every time) on an empty stomach.


            20 g myrtle leaf is added 1 L hot water and steeped for 5-10 min and drunk during the day.

            250 g. cypress fruit, 250 g. common wormwood and 100 g. balm is added to 2.5 L alcohol. It is waited for 45 days in an airtight case and 8-10  drops of it is added to 40 ml of  water and drunk 3 times a day on an empty stomach.



            A pinch of carrageen is pulverized and added (approximately one teaspoon of it) to linden and is boiled and drunk



            It is very useful to drink some warm water with  Ľ teaspoon of mustard seed every morning before breakfast and continue this cure for 20 days.



            Garden cress seed is mixed with the same amount of  “nöbet ţekeri”( a crystallized red colored sugar) or honey and eaten. Dry sea sponge , mix with honey and eat.



            Headache may  result from many different reasons. So, for an effective therapy this reasons should be cut off.

            Add  lavender, daisies, mint, rosemary and thyme (one pinch of each)  on a glass of hot water and filter it after 5 min and drink about 2-4 glasses  everyday.



            Drinking mistletoe tea , lemon balm tea, sage tea is effective in preventing  heart attacks. Also sitting baths with yarrow, shavergrass and thyme is effective.



            Zedoary root and peganum seed should be mixed in equal amounts and one teaspoon of it should be eaten in the mornings while you’re hungry.



            Shavergrass, corn silk flower, cherry stalk(one pinch of each) is added to 1L of water, boiled for 5 min and after filtering 2-4 glass of it should be consumed everyday.
To cut off the pain; a pinch of linseed and same amount of liquorice root  should be added on 1L of water and after  boiling for 15 min and filtering ; 3-4 glasses in a day should be drunk on an empty stomach.



            Vinegar and sesame oil gargling is useful.

            You can also boil the mixture of   blackberry leaves, jujube, lentil and   ribwort plantain (one soup spoons of each) and gargle it while it is warm.

            You can also mix the same amounts of raisins, aniseed and honey and apply it on the wounded area.

You can chew thyme abundantly.



            3-4 glasses of common Lady's-mantle tea should be drunk, by little sups, everyday.



            3-4 glasses of yarrow tea should be drunk everyday  by little sups.



            Mix 400g. of juniper seed with 1 kg honey and eat one dessert spoon of  this mixture 3 times a day on an empty stomach.



            100 g. Calamus root  is boiled with 5 L water until 2.5 L remains. 100 cc of it is drunk half an hour before meals 3 times a day.

            Same amount of celery is prepared in the same way and one 100cc of it is drunk 15 min before meals ,3 times a day.



            50 g. nettle , 50 g. fumitory herb and 50 g. yarrow is waited for 15 min in 1L hot water after filtering 3-4 glasses of it is drunk  everyday.



            Nettle seed, myrrh, black pepper, honey and mustard should be mixed in equal amounts  and one soup spoon of it should be eaten in the mornings and evenings



            Beaten mustard seed is eaten by mixing honey. Also it can be applied on painful area.

            The following  oils are mixed in certain amounts and applied on painful area:


v  Balsam oil                  :         100g.  

v  Thyme oil                   :           70g.

v  Trout oil                     :           50g.

v   Carnation oil             :           25g.


            A pinch of daisy  is added to 100ml of hot water. And after a while it is filtered and applied on the eye by massaging . This therapy should be replied every 2 hours for 5-10 min.


Gargling with thyme is very effective.

Cod liver oil should be given