Exhaustion of pancreas 

The blood glucose level is kept constant by the insulin hormone secreted from pancreas.

The factors that exhausts the pancreas gland:


-Old age

Illness of pancreas
- Inflammations or calcification of pancreas gland

-Pancreas cancer
- Removal of  the pancreas from the body.
- Illness that effects the pancreas:

a-Liver and  bile duct inflammations




e-Kidney inflammations and stones




Menopause period

In this stage  changes occur in womenís hormonal balance. Many women become diabetics in this time period. Gingival pains, tooth decays, dryness in mouth, cataracts in eyes  are seen  The deficiency of  female hormones  in this period can be recovered by these plants and the  risk of diabetes can be reduced : Daisy, mistletoe, narcissus, sage tea. Plus , women should be careful about not gaining weight in this period.

Cortisone containing medicines

Cortisone is the hormone released by  suprarenal glands and used against many diseases. But it causes lots of side effects including diabetes.


Psychological and physical effects

The researches done showed that some psychological factors like FEAR, SHCOK, SPIRITUAL BOREDOM  cause diabetes by effecting  the pancreas secretions. Spiritual disturbances invite diabetes.


The acid balance in blood is damaged.

 The acetone amount in blood is increased. This situation causes sickness and vomiting in patient. The patient looses water and may go into a coma.


Pave a way for different diseases
-Causes redness, rashes, blains , abscess in skin.
-Gingiva, internal  sides of lips are infected and itches are seen.
-Fever , kidney gangrene, kidney pain, cystitis, liver and gallbladder inflammations may occur.
-Lung tuberculosis is seen frequently.

-It also triggers a lot of disorders like; atherosclerosis, weakness in sight, heart insufficiency, slowing of brain functions, nervous breakdowns, tooth decay.

1-         Diabetes is a nutritional disorder. Thatís why the  people  should  be  careful  

about  their diets and they should maintain the carbohydrate-protein-fat balance.

2-         Light milk, yoghourt, fatless meat , fish, egg, potatoes, cereals, legumes should be


3-         Cabbage, cress, onion, lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, aubergine and Jerusalem

artichoke are recommended vegetables.
4-         The sour  fruits like crab apple, lemon, grapefruit, green plum, unripe grape should

be preferred.

5-         The  spices effect  the  secretory glands and make them work. Thatís why they should be on the table for all the meals.

Fenugreek : 1 spoon of fenugreek is added to 2 glasses of water and cooked in a medium level heat and drunk everyday before breakfast.
Oaten: 1 spoon of oat flour  should be added to a glass of water and should be  cooked at medium level heat and drunk  3-4 glasses like as  sahlep everyday before meals or between meals.
Myrtle leaf : 1 table spoon of leaves  are added to 1 l boiling water. It is filtered after 15 min steeping and is drunk app. 100 cc of it before each meal.  
Eucalyptus : 1 table spoon of leaf is mixed with one liter boiling water and filtered after 15 min of steeping. Before every meal 100 cc of it is  drunk.
Black mulberry leaf : 1  dessert  spoon of its extract is added to 100 cc hot water and drunk before meals.
Walnut leaf: 1 table  spoon of leaf  is added to 1 liter  boiling water. It is  filtered after steeping for 15 min and drunk 100 cc of it before every meal.
Olive leaf : 30 g. of leaves are minced in small pieces and added to 1l water , boiled for 2 min, steeped for 15 min and filtered. 100 cc of it is drunk before meals.

Juniper seed :  Add 30 g. juniper  to 1 l water, boil for 10 min, then steep for 15 min and filter. Drink 300-400 cc after meals.
Sage tea
Horsetail ( Shavergrass  )

In order to get useful  consequences  from   herbal therapies for diseases, this therapies should be applied continuously for 2-3 months at least.