According to researches  it is appointed that cancer is hereditary. But the genetic- related part is not the cancer itself, it is  the innate  weakness and frail structure and development of some organs against cancer.

Irritation and wounding

            Having repeating irritation and wounds in an organ may lead cancer formation later.

          For example; decayed teeth in mouth, prosthesis that irritates gingiva , eating bitter and hot things continuously cause mouth and tongue cancers.

          Women who give frequent and many  births expose to vaginal  tears many times and pave the way for uterine cancer.


Roentgen rays

In the organs  that received x-rays  too many times; cancer is seen frequently.


Cosmic Beams


The cosmic beams coming from the Sun blends with the earth and vanish. But the concrete buildings don’t let these beams to pass through. So, cancer risk is higher in cities.


Dietary mistakes

It is the main factor that causes cancer. We can make a  list of  them like these:

a-       Sweeteners Additives: Some additives pave the way for cancer. For this reason unreliable  margarines, lemonades, chocolates shouldn’t be eaten a lot.,

b-      Sweeteners ( saccharine ):The saccharine used as a sweetener is not a nutrient and         in addition to being harmful for kidneys, it causes bladder cancer, too.

c-        Molds: The molds reproduce on the dried nuts, produces a substance called “aflatoxin” that causes cancer.

d-      Coffee: The people who drinks coffee have bladder and pancreas cancer 2-3 times  more then who don’t drink coffee.

e-       Alcohol

f-        Food and preparation ways of them:

- In the people who eat too much meat  colon cancer is seen frequently.

- If the protein rich nutrients are cooked with a heat higher than 100 C  cancer  

  causing substances are produced.

-The food fried in too hot oils they increase the cancer risk

- It is also dangerous to reuse the  oils.

-It is observed that hormone applied materials also causes cancer.

      g-     Inappropriate diet: Has a very important role.

      h-     Excessive medicine consumption

      i-      Cellulose in foods

      j-     Psychological disturbances: Nervous disturbances, sadness weakens the body and   

              make easier to heave cancer.    



Nettle herb

Provides cell regeneration in the body, increase red blood cell production, stops bleedings. When its leaves and offshoots  are cooked or made a salad  ; very effective against cancer.


This is a parasite plant grows up on trees. The plant which has different treating effects also increases the resistance of the body.

            It is recommended as a protective agent against internal cancers and also stops the spreading of it.


Sage tea

Recommended against different kinds of cancers.

Cypress Cone

It cleans the body from pollutions, increases the resistance, prevents cancer and stops spreading of it. 5-6 cones are minced properly and added to 1 l of grape  vinegar , it is filtered after 10 days and everyday  1 dessert spoon of it is mixed with approximately 100 ml of water and drunk.

Juniper seed

            5 seeds should be eaten before every lunch and dinner. It cleans the body and increase resistance, provides many good effects about preventing  and cleaning from cancer.
Fruits and vegetables

Garden cress, garlic, carrot, cabbage, spinach, strawberry, onion and red beetroot should be  eaten.