According to what explained so far, weíll  analyse how a person is constituted by the birth day sign and the sign which  is  ascending on the horizon at the  birth hour.

A personís inner (real sign) and outer (ascending) signs can be crossed like that:
Inner Sign(Real)                           Outer Sign(Ascending)

Fire                                                 Fire
Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)            Air
Fire                                                 Water
Fire                                                 Earth

A person  whose inner sign is Fire and ascendant is Fire has extremely selfish personality,  and thinks of all  the time himself/herself  before the world, wants all the world to  spin around him/her when  wishes are unfilled   chooses a life shaped by the personal benefits of them and also he/she is very stubborn.

A person whose inner sign is Fire and the ascendant is Air;  although he/she has the  thoughts  similar to written above, this person  will be  flighty  featured this time .He/she wonít cling to customs easily, will attend  some behaviours for the  environment without thinking of  himself/herself too much and will be a generous person .

A person  whose  inner sign is Fire and the ascendant is Water; it means if   an inner sign like Aries, Leo, Sagittarius  is matched  with Cancer ,Scorpio  or Pisces  these  person will be candidate   for  a life  with  difficulties and disturbances. Because the inner structure sourced by Fire, will be continuously depressed    by the water featured and blocker character of outer sign. This will mostly  cause   some sort of  discomfort inside world of that person. These effects will rise sometimes and sometimes will be down in some degree. This person wonít be able to disclose their  thoughts easily .And will loose temper easily and   calm  down quickly again.

A person whose inner sign is Fire and the ascendant  is Earth  this is again  have the features written above ,generally; but  there will be less serious disturbances and depressions in proportion to the previous one. They will be generous mentally but not act like spending money easily.

Inner Sign(Real)                           Outer Sign(Ascending)
Air                                                   Fire
Air   (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)         Air
Air                                                   Water
Air                                                   Earth

The most obvious features of a brain which belongs to air class are thinking of goodness of people and being helpful. They try to estimate life by visualizing it objectively, and theyíre forgetful. But after all, the fire that shows up as the  outer sign  makes the air extremely proud and  arrogant. If the inner sign is an Aquarius, this creates a very clever and arrogant type ; if the inner is Gemini, this forms an intelligent and proud person. If itís a Libra; a blunt type person, with no fear from anyone, will occur. A general characteristic of the  inner sign-air people  that they sometimes feel themselves  as a member of another planet  instead of  World.

And if  the inner sign is Air and the ascendant is Water  the  aspect is fairly different. Because  the free thoughts  in the mind is limited  by the  emotional and dependent  character  of outer sign. The free mind turns  out   to be someone who is attached to family and home and  will sacrifice themselves for  these if the outer  is Cancer. If the  out is Scorpio someone who canít get rid  of his/her emotional behaviours but can display very free actions and  a strong- willed ,dominant character   will be formed this time. The only thing, which  will make this aspect undecided  is Gemini that coincides as inner sign. The Pisces located  outerly  will create a type  who can tend to enjoyments  of free life.

If the inner is an Air and the ascendant is Earth and if itís a Taurus ; this is to be a character who  will indulge eating-drinking and enjoyments like  chatting, and  has an ambition about  the wealth. If  Virgo coincides there , this type is ambitious, active, and  looks for a regular earning but whatever he / she does wonít be as lucky as a Taurus at money ; they will  have some earnings sometimes but will loose a big amount quickly after that. If itís a Capricorn then, a decided, mature, forgetful, helpful  type will occur but  this person is also  very attached to his/her money. Capricorn, as the outer sign, will dominate all inner signs except Aquarius.

Inner Sign(Real)                           Outer Sign(Ascending)
Water                                              Fire
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)      Air
Water                                              Water
Water                                               Earth

The general characteristic of the  Water class is being extremely  emotional. With  a Fire sign that placed outer, this emotionality  generally ends up with uncontrollable, irrepressible behaviours. 90 percent of people who are   called as  deranged  show up  among the  people whose inner sign is  water, outer sign is fire. These are the people who have the biggest amount of regrets in their   lives. Mostly they act some behaviours that they donít  mean  because of their emotionality and inability to control themselves   and after all  they repent too much. They are  completely loony people .Actually they are very  merciful and clement in the inner world.

If the  inner sign is Water and the outer is Air this will probably end up very  charitable people. Because  Air class  brings generosity.

If the inner sign is Water and ascendant is Water  he/she   is going to be an extremely clement, emotional, charitable  person.  

If the inner sign is Water and the ascendant is Earth this person will be sensible but  self-seeking ;  extremely humble  but  will be bold  like a tiger against any condition that may endanger their benefits.
Inner Sign(Real)                           Outer Sign(Ascending)
Earth                                               Fire
Earth(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)      Air
Earth                                              Water
Earth                                               Earth

The inner sign Earth will generally  cause an ebullient feature  in case of placement  of Fire outerly. But this type wonít be as  uncontrolled  as the type in Water class. Besides; although the effusiveness  at the Water class  are based on emotionality ,the Earth classí are all based  on benefits.

In the case of inner Earth  and ascendant Air ; the materialistic thoughts in this personís mind will not be able to affect donating  and this person will  look ďas if he/she  is generousĒ. But  anyhow ,this person  will  have a quite  materialistic mentality.

If the inner sign is Earth , and the ascendant is Water the person will be a type that is  clement, merciful but  whose  charities are only limited and small amounts.

Finally  a person  whose  inner sign Earth and ascendant is   Earth will be humble, always complains about money  but  hides  their fortunes like  a secret  and save their money for next generation just like a ďmiserĒ.

It is necessary  to examine  the signs and the planets  located at 12 th,1st,2nd,3rd houses in this order  after  preparation of birth chart .Now letís see the  main rules of  identifying a person:
1-A person feel himself in the characteristics of the sign of  the 12th house.
2-A personís  look is carries the characteristics of the  sign located at the 1st house
3-A person behaves  in the way of the characteristics of the sign at the 2nd house.
4-A person thinks  in respect to the characteristics of the sign of the 3rd house.

As an example letís mention about a person whose ascending is Scorpio. This personís 12th  house is Libra ,1st house is Scorpio,2nd house is Sagittarius and 3rd house is Capricorn. So, this person will feel like she/he is a Libra,  on the other hand will show a dominant personality like a Scorpio, but behaviours will be like Sagittarius and  his/her brain will work like a Capricorn.

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