Astrology; hadn’t been launched as a science  but as a fortune or the act of foretelling up to now. Throughout the history many thinker ,savant and  the  attendants of truth has mentioned about how stars affect on people and has mentioned this science should be learned to be able to know  himself. In fact, everyone has a tendency to learn the secrets of universe and so that they have interested in astrology.

It’s still unknown when astrology is exactly showed up but according to some sources it was used and utilized by big civilizations in old ages.

Astrology is old as human history. Babylonian, Egyptian, Indian, Mayan, Chinese Roman, Greek and Arabic civilizations are the samples of countries which had studied this science in the history. According to some sources Hz. Idris   is the one who was gifted with this science and after that  Babylonians  had organised and generalized it. Then it  passed from Babylon to Egyptians and later to Greeks and Islamic world. Finally at the epoch  of  Rome Empire it became  famous in whole  Europe.

In “that” days , in India astrology was accepted as an important science and the  people who had occupied this became very honourable and prestigious among the citizens.

Also there had been plenty of  enlighteners who had studied on it in Islamic World. Muhyiddin Arabi was one of them who had  mentioned about  effects of signs on human in his book named  Futuhat-ý Mekkiye .In this book he clearly says ; “The life in earth and all the human beings are under authority of  signs and their power which is transported by angels due to divine judgement and precaution . The people who left their physical bodies and are waiting for the doomsday ;and also the heaven and the hell themselves are  effected by the power of signs, too.

Also  Mevlana  Celaleddin Rumi speaks about Astrology in his book Mesnevi  and says:  “One’s nature is decided by the star which he/she is bound to (influenced).”

Famous Islam philosopher  Hazrat   Ýbrahim Hakký explains in his book “Marifetname” that; “because all the sky objects has  many kinds of effects on all earthy  objects ; shapes, statements, ethics, behaviours are emanated  due to coincidental faith of  creatures (due to the effects of stars at that moment) while they were just a blood clot (zygote) in their mom’s womb. And   the blood cloth is affected by its parent’s genes also. Eventually, all the featured characteristics of human bliss, brigandage, being considerate, meanness, generosity, bravery, cowardice, enmity, being loving ,ambitiousness, richness and poverty ,enormity and helpfulness…,are  all prototyped and stored in that cloth. Because this blood cloth is the  written stone (Levhi Mahfuz)  of foetus. And the decided faith ,the written stone, is the outlet and  mirror of the worlds. So a person who is destined to heaven  deserves it when he is in the womb so as the one who is destined to hell.”

To be able to understand  better  what has been written  up to now,  to get a better sight on Astrology and accept its necessity I think it is beneficial to mention about the human and more  importantly its relationship  with brain. Because, all  the processes in human existence and his character occur owing to the brain. Astrology is   closely related to humanbeing’s nature  or it can be seen as the main theme of ourbeings

If we need to explain  the anatomy of the brain ,we can  briefly say that , it is composed of basically  two compartments :Brain cortex and subcortical structures. Cortex is the centre of all conscious activities like thinking, perceiving , voluntary movement …
Subcortex structures  (bulbus of the brainstem, pons, mezencephalon, midbrain, cerebellum) takes role in coordination of movements and providing balance, receiving and delivering the  sensory in addition to  monitoring vital functions such as respiration, circulation and wakefulness.
        Brain is a  heavily  folded  3 dimensional  structure when observed macroscopically. Each of these foldings called gyrus , includes cell groups that has a specific function. If we develop a closer approach to this structure  we’ll see there is special centre (group of cells) for each of the human abilities In anatomical literature this centres are named by digits .For example 4th 5th and 8th  areas are the  voluntary movement centres

And also due  brain, which never stops working , hundred   millions of input are estimated with a capacity    which hasn’t been performed  by modern computers so far. Without observing microscopically we cannot estimate   properly.

The brain contains highly specific cells called neurons which  are  composed of a body(soma) and a few extensions (axon)  bound to it. The transmission occurs in the area where neurons bind to eachother. This area is called as synapse .Each neuron produces a specific  chemical compound (neurotransmitter).These compounds have different structures and different functions. When the neurotransmitter is secreted to synaptic area it causes a sequence of  chemical and electrical reactions. Then neurotransmitter goes and binds to the second  cell  and  causes a redistribution of electrical charges in cell membrane. Redistribution of charges means the target neuron is being stimulated or in other words it is receiving the message. So, an information transmission process occurs in brain based on bioelectrical principals. This network (built up by each neuron connecting to thousands of others);  provides learning, memory storage, synthesis and analysis of information. The arrangement of this bioelectrical channels (neural communication network) are different in  each person and it determines the character of that person. This arrangement and the binding model is defined as “The Brain Program”.

Although  the emotions are  commonly thought to be related to soul ,brain is the area they occur or they have been “perceived” actually. Hypothalamus and gyrus cinguli are the two area of brain where  all the emotional processes occur. The specific arrangement and binding of neurons in this  areas decides what we ‘re going to feel about an event or  a situation. And  cortex  acts some behaviours according to this decision.

To sum up, human brain  is  exposed to a first basic programming procedure in the womb for And after birth brain  completes  its anatomical development  during the fist year. The binding formation of  neurons and extremities of neurons called axons and dendrites,  takes a different shape in each person before the birth. And this formation becomes definite  by birth and can not change after that . Also neurons  can not be regenerated .As a result, our capabilities are determined by this neuronal binding models .Thoughts, personal perspectives,helplessness, deftness ,intelligence …. All this specialities are  determined in the womb and can’t change in normal conditions. And we keep on living,thinking ,feeling, learning, working , loving with the capacity and way that is determined by our brain  program.

Also   a sura (named BURUC )  and verses about stars  are present in Koran. If you wish, you can research and focus on this subject to be able understand better  the whole system of universe .These information and  much more  of them shows how much important and necessary  the knowledge of Astrology is. Such a big happiness to be able to read  and  understand  it!!…

We  briefly aimed to  tell you about the history  and importance of astrology, and  especially mention about its relationship with brain which shows why it’s necessary  to focus carefully  on this subjects  nowadays.

According to this all we want to explain is Astrology is definitely not a fortune but just a statistical interpretation way  about the relationship between the  localisations of planets at the birth moment and the characteristics of a person. This provides a better sight  on knowing ourselves and our existence and  understand  who we are and why are we here, in the  World. It also helps to see our real potential. Astrology is also a different perspective that aimed to solve the   obscurity  of The Existence .And because of being created from the same essence  human and the universe behave similar to  eachother  and as a result, the actions of human in earth  become a reflection of what happens in the sky. If we speak directly; Astrology examines the universe with its own language and claims that everything in universe is interacts   eachother. Also  researches the effects of Moon’s , planets’ and stars’ on the  people and the earth. The planets around the Sun emits cosmical beams continuously. Because each planet has a different type of cosmical beam of course the effect of this beams are different.In astrological interpretations all planets has    different kinds of effect    according to their cosmical beams .

In Astrology each house, each sign and each star has a meaning and  we can only  make interpretations  due to the examinations, observations based on the experiences of thousands years of history  and by using statistical information and based on some reasons... But of course the easiest way is denying  it and  assume it  just as a fortune for the  people that never think deeply  and never try to learn and search what Astrology really is.