(September 24 Ė October 23)

Ruling Planet: Venus; represents the beauty, love and  arts.
Element: Air ,negative
Quality: Cardinal
Gender of Sign: Male
Facilities: Being well-balanced and moderate
Features: Respectfulness and  elegance
Aspiration: Having mature and  consistent friendships
Aim: Being rich , having a regular life.
Features you should fight against: Liking ostentations
Signs you get along with very well: Aquarius, Gemini
Signs you mildly get along with: Scorpio, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo, Libra
Signs you cannot get along with: Aries, Capricorn, Cancer
Day of week: Friday
Lucky numbers: 2,6,16
Gemstones: Opal , pink tourmaline
Colours: Light pink, light blue, turquoise and opaque colours.
Flowers: Pink chrysanthemum , pink rose
Essences: Gardenia, Jasmine, Orchid
Possible illness: Disorders about kidney, reproduction organs, head and especially eyes , lumbago.
Career: Musician, artist, sculptor, poet, thespian , actor, handiworks,  architect, florist, perfume seller, collector, tailor, banker, politician, jurist, religious professions and engineering.


They are  calm, balanced, chatty, nice, sensitive and deferential people. They have a great artistic soul. Libra  is the most balanced one among  the  twelve signs. This sign represents justice, equilibrium, partnership, marriage and unity. Itís star is Venus, which represents  arts and  love. Because  mind and intelligence are on  the foreground  , Venus makes love more romantic and  renders words  more meaningful in the air sign Libra. And because they have a good  elocution ability Libra people are favourite in argumentations. They are very reliable people because of having a balance between mind and senses. They generally care about everyone. They  listen your opinions respectfully but later they always do what the wanted. They  have a calm attitude They donít want to hurt people so they avoid having unnecessary discussions. They pretend as if they retreat if they feel under pressure against attacks. They actually like themselves. Their most powerful wish is being appreciated. They also can tell lies  skilfully and the  make promises by bragging that they cannot keep.

Their second love is  music. First thing they tend to do in the morning is just turning on the radio or playing a cassette. They may  choose music as a profession instead of just listening it but   listening is always on the first place. They have a sensitive ear for music and generally their voice is beautiful.

They donít like so much the physical activities that can tire them. This may push them  to indolence. Libra people can regulate the energy streams as they wish by moving in a temperate way if  they manage to  have an inside balance. Libras  can discover their versatile and powerful skills, the ability of modifying themselves  .If they manage to notice this skills they can manage to use them properly.

They have an affection on luxury and  comfortable life. And they donít have an attachment to money and materials. They are generous people and they can even be very extravagant.

Libra is a great host. Preparing delicious foods is their profession. Their interests can vary from small daily jobs to  big political issues. It is a pleasure for them to make people come together. They  manage to create a genuine atmosphere in a few minutes. They will listen but donít  make a deep friendship quickly with person  they are having a conversation.ĒFriendsĒ are important for them especially  to guarantee  not to be alone. Because Libra is able to protect his/her own character it is not hard to change the environment  according to his/her  needs.

When their balance is disturbed  they  can  have neurological diseases  and become anxious ,furious and paranoid type of people. In that  kind of situations it is recommended to drink teas prepared from verbascum flower ( known as cattle tail flower).