(December 22 - January 20)

Ruling Planet: Saturn; discipline and tidiness
Element: Earth ,negative
Quality: Cardinal
Gender of Sign: Female
Facilities: Decisiveness and resistance
Feature :Honesty
Aspiration: To reach higher points
Aim: Being at  the top of the tree  and keeping the position as a leader
Features you should fight against: Too much curiosity
Signs you get along with very well: Taurus, Virgo
Signs you mildly get along with: Pisces, Scorpio Sagittarius
Signs you cannot get along with: Aries, Cancer, Libra
Day of Week: Saturday
Numbers: 8 ,9, 62
Gemstones: Camellian ,garnet
Colours: Leaden, dark brown , naphtha colour
Flowers Black   rose ,velvet flower, sweet williams , hibiscus
Essences: Camellia, pine, jonquil
Possible illness: Knee, skin and digestive system disorders
Career: Metallurgy, farming, architecture, soldiership, medicine, designing, forestry, chemistry, dentistry, hairdressing, beautician, civil servant, jewellery.


The people who were born in this sign are generally decisive, passionate, curious, humble   and who can work with passion and energy to get what they wanted to have, also who think a lot and speak less, self-controlled and dignified kind of people. They are the kindest people in the world unless you get at them. They are type of people that believe in lofty   ideals and try to put into practise them.

This is an earth sign which carries the features of the water signs. Saturn , the representative of discipline ,  is the star of this sign. Being careful, taking the advantages and  moving in order to a plan are the  expectations of this star. When the specialities of this  star is evinced this creates an opportunity to be successful in life.

The sign Capricorn likes to help people. They may not be so active but they are careful and have the sense of responsibility. Their observations are coherent and they might be experts  of organizations .They carefully  check people and make an effort to  analyse them. They enjoy the works  in  group and  the works in aid of public. They have a broadminded expression in the approach of humanism.

Capricorns are known as fussy people and takes everything seriously. They are people who act just in  time according to their promises and they are reliable in agreements. Lies, hypocrisy, chicanery are appropriate for  them. Their ideals are   reality ,values and  naturalness . They hate everything superficial and deceitful. Most people find the fastidious  and  hard Capricorn boring. The Capricorn knows it and suffers because of that. They react with a great power of humour and they donít beware of  exhibit their weak aspects No one can antagonise them and Capricorns criticize cruelly the weakness of people who they get together with. Thatís  why they always receive serious reactions from other people They are not flexible people also. A work   has to be done in the way that is expected to be done. In these situations nothing can dissuade him. Additionally, they are known as reliable people thanks to their honesty. They can end the projects about their job practically, calmly and perfectly.

The Capricorn is a patient and hardworking   employee. They have an unlimited passion. The patient they have never disappears till  they achieve the goals  they defined. They firstly   think over , analyse ,estimate  the decisions they made. They cannot be happy for a long time with the things they  manage to have. They always want more and wish to  climb to top the tree. They can become industry emperors because of the richness of their thoughts, enterprising personality and incredible skills of them.

Their success areas are limited They donít attempt to go in to all fields in business life. They carefully choose the appropriate job for them and concentrate just on it. They spend all their time on it and get what they want to have. Capricorns has disadvantages like   not starting   an action quickly and  not giving up their habits.

They have sagacious thoughts but it is hard for them to start to practise. They love sleeping. They have passions like cigarettes and drinks .They are addicted to money and materialistic values. Materialistic power means everything for them. Their personal benefits are always on the top of the list. They donít sacrifice from these things mostly and  itís a hard  thing to do even for the loved ones. Especially, other peopleís wishes and needs  donít bother them. Another reason of thinking carefully before speaking is to prevent situation that can be hazardous for their benefits.

Learning to take the life easier, being more cheerful and forgiving, being able to trust other people and sharing will give a chance for a more comfortable life.