The Sun is the most powerful one among the planets   and symbolizes the willpower, decisiveness, luck, children and artworks. Also it represents features such as pride, arrogance, decisiveness, ego, independency, excessive self-confidence, taking aims, boldness and leadership.

It spends a month in each sign .It plays it’s role in a way determined by the sign  in which it’s placed  at the time of birth, and due to the aspects of other planets these effects may increase or decrease. For example The Sun wants to disclose itself via the properties like knowledge, mind and communication styles when it is in the 3rd house, but when it is in the 7th   house it expresses  itself and  wants to be known  by   forming the person to person relationships, marriage and partnerships ,and of course The Sun’s  angles with other planets play important role in these wants and the way of disclosure. For example a hard angle between The Sun and Neptune causes   difficulties in defining own real personal wishes, the  blurry energy of  Neptune  will cause  feeling  confused    ,living in a fantasy world  and tending  to have  addictions.

The Sun is   consciousness, wishes and power… It denotes the pure, untouched  essence of human… It shows the active, energized side of a person…People who has a powerful Sun or  powerful energy of the Sun, are  easily appreciable , lively and  have a great and  endless energy to spend on getting what they wanted. They obviously shine like The Sun and spread light around.

The natural house of The Sun is the 5th house .It’s also powerful in the 1st   house and in the Aries sign. In Aquarius and Libra and of course naturally in the 11th and 7th houses it gets weaker and   has problems to express itself. Although Leo,  is a member of Fire class, has a selfish,  highly disclosed  personality; when it is placed in the 5th house it denotes the children, creativity  and  adventurousness of that person.

The house in which The Sun is placed explains in what areas of daily life that person shows creativity. This might be   job, house or perhaps money issues or education or communication areas.