There are twelve SIGNS in Astrology which are equal to each other and each of them contains a cluster of stars. Each sign  generates a 30 degrees section. ARIES is accepted as the origin point and  PISCES is the ending,  in  the System of Signs. 9 planets and satallites are present in the Solar System. Each of these palnets orbits the Sun in an order.Also there are stars comets,astreoids,meteorites,black holes,gas and dust clouds in that system. The Sun ,the Moon and also the other planets has special characters, different meanings and effects.According to this effects human’s  mind,personality,physical properties are formed. The Cosmical Beams continiously affect people’s brain and this provides and regulates both intellectual  world and behaviours.Signs are classified according to their features.

The signs,that are  in different  categories and  same categories have differences and similarities .We can classify them like this:

FIRE:  “Aries ,Leo,Sagittarius...” The commonest characteristics of the ‹‹ Fire ›› class are arrogance and bigheadedness.They want to govern everybody in any condition.They want to reach the top  all the time.They also seem very outgoing.

EARTH: “Taurus,Virgo, Capricorn…” The  commonest features of the ‹‹Earth›› class are being hidebound and commonly having a great tendency to money and materialistic things.They are  curious about details and they generally have an  anxious type of personality.

AIR: “Gemini,Libra ,Aquarius…” The commonest features of the ‹‹Air›› class are  being perky and impatient.They are interested in any kind of topics,jobs  and cannot persist in one subject.They get bored quickly and start being interested in another event. Worrying about other people  and  alturism are the  main characteristics of them.They also have a great understanding and perception capacity.

WATER: “Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces…”The  commonest  caharcteristic of  the ‹‹Water››  class is  having a very sentimental inner world .They are  very  powerful  emotionally and perceptually.

Each individual receives  different amounts of effects coming from the 12 signs.Sum up, HUMAN is the mixture and combination of the  nature of the 12 signs.

Basicly, everyone has two main signs. In addition to these,  the Moon sign is also  very important for a person.

Sun Sign(Main sign):This is  defined according to the sign in which The Sun is stated at the time of birth .This is called as Sun Sign and  it shapes the  actual charactherictics and physical and phsycological  properties.Also because of being the “Main” sign  it points out the “FLAIR”of a person.

Ascendant: While The Earth   spins on  it’s axis , different  signs rises up on the horizon due to the changes in hours. The sign visualized on the  east horizon at the time of birth,  called as The Ascendant and it points out the  “CAPABILITY”of a person.

People , after  their 35-40s, are ruled by their ‹‹ascendant››much more .
A birth chart cannot be prepeared unless the date and exact time of birth is known.We need birth date and time  first and after that we need a book called ‹‹Ephemeris››  and another book called ‹‹Daltons table house››.The book Ephemeris, informs us about in which degree and in which sign the planets(Sun and Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, Neptun,Pluton) of Solar System are positioned at the time of birth and we can render a birth chart  by this informations.And the book Daltons table house shows how much  the signs affect human’s brain according to their status at the time of birth .

And the result is the  ‹‹destiny›› of that person!..

MOON SIGN : This is the sign; which the Moon is  located on sky in it  at the time of birth and  represents emotions, romanticism, afflictions and pleasures.The Moon is a very strong satellite that  powerfully affects the earth by reflecting the light and energy comes from the Sun .Different stages of the moon cause changes on our behaviours, intellegences,physical bodies  and so our personality.It also affects the other earthy creatures like animals,plants,mines and fluids.
The Moon has highly specific charactheristics that can not be seen on the other sky objects. The main difference is being very fast and changeable.It passes from one sign to next in 2,5 days. The moon ends its period by visiting 12 signs in 28 days and because the moon reflects the Sun light in different amounts due to time  changes it is visualized in different phases: New Moon , Fullmoon and Last quarter.

New Moon, is the stage that heat and humidity increased so the energy potantial directed to production is become very high. The body fluid level, acumen and physical power  increases. Love,work,luck,education and health issues are goes well. Healing duration is quickened and patients begin feeling better.
Fullmoon is the time that energy potantial reaches its highest value.But this energy has a harmful and forcing feature.These very strong attractive forces cause  emotional, fluidity, physical  augmentation and this cause some changes in human body.This  increased energy may cause unwanted emotional or behavioral explosions. Fights,murders,resentmens and suicide events may increase. Subconsciousness world , feelings, grudge and hatred sense -which are already hard to control-  discloses in this phase.

In last quarter phase ;  falling begins because heat and humidity decreases. Productivity is reduced. Blood level in vessels  is decreased.Growth and improvement slow down . A significant falling occurs in intellegence levels.
Patients begin feeling  physically more weak and their symptoms and complaints become severe.